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The best pre-packaged meal we've ever had!! We are really loving this!!

I just tried my first Fueling Edge meal last night and it was delicious! To have the correct nutrients in the correct portion size and all I have to do is heat it up is amazing.

Rebecca F

Awesome meals + awesome mission + awesome people = awesome results. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

The protein chocolate peanut butter shake with creatine was delicious! Loved it!

These meals are phenomenal, by the way. Delicious, nutritious, convenient. The sauces are always exquisite. And they are always colorful.

The steak was delicious, texture good and not chewy! The salad dressing was very tasty. I loved the variety of greens. The blue cheese butter was spectacular!

I really enjoyed the meals and it makes my life more convenient and nutritious!

I had my first Fueling Edge meal tonight. The Hardtail was AWESOME.

Quick thank you regarding the new meal service: Working in downtown Raleigh, the meals are the best tasting, healthy option at a better price point. I'm a fan!

Daniel S


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