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**Clearance: Guiltless Chocolate Raspberry Protein Shake Drink Mix

**Clearance: Guiltless Chocolate Raspberry Protein Shake Drink Mix

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Would you like a high protein guiltless treat? This protein shake mix is it! It is best used as a lower calorie breakfast or snack.

Toss in your luggage, office drawer, or glove compartment when you need additional protein without extra calories, artificial sweeteners, dyes or fake junk.

Add your choice of liquid (we recommended milk or non-dairy milk, which creates a wonderfully creamy texture), shake in your Endurance Edge stainless steel shaker cup or blend with with ice for a frozen treat. Once blended, if not consumed immediately, store in the refrigerator and consume within 3 days. 

 Ingredients: egg white protein, raspberry powder, stevia, cocoa powder, organic vanilla powder

Allergen Information: contains egg

Nutrition Information:  Mixed with water: 116 kcal, 8 g carb,  17 g protein & 1 g fat




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