Guiltless Chocolate Raspberry Protein Shake

Guiltless Chocolate Raspberry Protein Shake

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A lighter chocolate raspberry shake best used for a snack or post workout with an add on beverage. 

Our protein shakes come with your protein powder mixture and your choice of liquid. Mix and enjoy immediately or store in the fridge for 3 days. Shakes are priced based on the liquid and add on chosen.

**shake does not come ready to drink**

Ingredients: egg white protein (egg white powder), raspberry powder, stevia, cocoa powder, vanilla powder

Allergen Information: contains egg

Nutrition Information:  

Mixed with water: 116 kcal, 8 g carb,  17 g protein & 1 g fat

Mixed with almond milk: 196 kcal, 22 g carb, 18 g protein & 3 g fat

Mixed with 1% milk: 219 kcal, 20 g carb, 25 g protein & 3 g fat



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